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Skalarki Driver

Skalarki Driver



Prix ​​habituel $39.99 USD
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If you plan to purchase a subscription at a later time, be aware that your email address MUST match for each purchase.

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Got Skalarki hardware?

Tired of their drivers?

Want to fly any plane you want?

Allows use of all Skalarki hardware to communicate with

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ONLY

Supports ALL buttons, axis, encoders, LEDs, and *LCD Displays!

FULL FBWA32NX Integration

Monthly Subscription required to use additional planes!

Current Integrated Planes List

Skalarki Driver Subscription (Starting at $4.99/month)


  • Complete control of Fenix A320 (requires Subscription)
  • Auto-Connection, just open and run!
  • 1 to 1 Complete mimic of the actual plane and it's controls (limited by planes command list, see below)
  • Runs COMPLETELY in Background.
  • Minimizes to Tray.
  • Automatically syncs hardware to simulator.
  • V1/Vr/V2 Call outs on All Planes with Volume control and enable/disable (With Subscription).
  • Comes with full FlyByWire A32NX integration (DEV VERSION ONLY)
  • Will work with any plane using our Custom Plane Addon(subscription).
  • Can customize all buttons, LEDs, and Displays with Custom Plane.

*MCDU Display (HDMI) is configured by third-party application or MSFS and therefore does not have anything to do with this software*

*OVHD ADIRS LCD not supported at this time*